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Forum consultation November 2022-January 2023

(now over)

Consultation on the draft plan (regulation 14 consultation) ended on 4th January 2023. Responses to the consultation have been considered by the forum steering committee, with assistance from our consultant, Andrew Ashcroft. The draft plan has been revised to take account of the consultation responses and at the Forum AGM on 19th April 2023, the forum voted to submit the revised plan to Brighton & Hove City Council for examination.

The revised plan document can be found here.

Responses to the consultation together with responses to them are as follows: (each heading to link to a document).

Note that to protect privacy, individual respondents (as distinct from organisations) have been anonymised and are referred to by a number.

  • Comments from City Council                                                                              

  • Responses to comments from City Council                                    

  • Comments from Outer Harbour Development Company Partnership                         

  • Responses to comments from Outer Harbour Development Company Partnership    

  • Comments submitted through the survey and responses                                       

  • Comments from respondent 45                                                                        

  • Responses to respondent 45

  • Response from Environment Agency

  • Response from Historic England

  • Response from National Highways

  • Response from Sport England

  • Response from West Sussex County Council

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