What is a Neighbourhood Forum?

Neighbourhood planning legislation, introduced

by the Government under the Localism Act,

gives communities direct power to develop a

shared vision for their neighbourhood, to shape

its development and growth, and to establish

general planning policies for the development

and use of land in the neighbourhood area.

These are described legally as ‘Neighbourhood

Development Plans’.

For more information please visit the

 ‘Step-by-Step Guide’.


Brighton Marina Neighbourhood Area

Brighton & Hove City Council formally

designated the Brighton Marina Neighbourhood

Forum and the Brighton Marina Business / Neighbourhood Area (shown in the plan) for a 5

year period on 18 June 2015.

It was re-designated for a further 5 year period

on 3 November 2020.

Get involved

The Forum would like to hear your views.

Neighbourhood planning requires a vast array

of skills. Everyone working together will allow

our community to have our say on how our

area develops over time.

Membership of the Brighton Marina

Neighbourhood Forum is open to all residents

and workers living or working within the

neighbourhood area. Elected representatives 

whose constituencies fall within the area are

also eligible to join.

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